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Grip Trix Specs

Weight:1,700 lbs


Front Load Capacity:500 lbs


Rear Load Capacity:500 lbs


Total Load Capacity:1,250 lbs


180-Degree Turning Radius:6 ft


Max Tow Capacity:4,000 lbs


Speed Rail Receivers:16


Tow Hitch Receiver:Yes


Max. Telescopic Crane Size:17 ft


  1. Powered by multiple intrinsically safe lithium batteries for extended run time, a 200% increase over lead acid batteries

  2. Capable of 25 mph, depending on weight load, terrain and incline

  3. Supports jib arms and telescopic cranes up to 17’ with the optional Crane Mount

  4. Repositionable 3/8” aluminum cheese-plate panels can be attached to any of the speed-rail receivers to create step plates or platforms

  5. Accommodates driver plus four crew members with repositionable seats

  6. Adjustable air bag suspension maintains a level vehicle under load. Adjusted by an on-board switch

  7. Sixteen 1-1/4” speed rail receivers located on the top deck, sides, front and rear

  8. Rear tow hitch receiver in back, plus complementary towing accessories

  9. Ceramic disc brakes for quick, quiet stopping

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